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The Best Lower Abs Workout for 6 Pack Abs



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Men and women everywhere spend countless time and energy looking for the best lower abs workout they can find. Having a tight firm stomach has become something of a status symbol that denotes a healthy fit body. Getting a set of 6 pack abs does take work and dedication to the goal that is set.

Everyday there is no shortage of TV and internet advertisements that cater to this very need. Everything from fat burning, appetite suppressing pills and potions to the latest ab exercise machine that twists and turns your body into all sorts of pretzel shapes are being sold to the six pack crazed public these days. Those fitness models and other "beautiful people" they feature in those commercials probably didn't get those bodies using whatever it they are trying to sell. They worked hard to get their bodies in shape and they continue to live a healthy lifestyle to stay that way.

No matter how many ab specific exercises you do on those machines or doing 1000s of sit-ups and crunches you will never get those hard firm abs you've been looking for without making some changes to the way you eat and exercise. You can have a 6 pack but nobody will see it if it's hidden under a layer of fat.

That's right, the best ab workout doesn't just focus on the abdominal muscles but the health and fitness level of your entire body. By focusing on living a healthy lifestyle that includes eating right and doing a variety of different exercises that work the entire body you can have the type of abs you see on those commercials.

It will take some work and dedication to achieve that washboard stomach but the steps needed are actually quite simple, if you have the desire to do them. If anything just look at those fitness model in those commercials. They look that way because they made a conscious decision to get in shape.

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The best lower abs workout to get a set of 6-pack-abs consists of the following three things.

1. A Healthy Diet
2. A Steady Lower Abs Workout Schedule that you will stick to.
3. Dedication

Start out light and work your way up.  The best lower abs workout is a light one you will stick with rather than a heavy lower abs workout you won't adhere to.

Best Lower Abs Workout

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