Your Questions About Best Lower Abs Workouts

Paul asks…

When weight lifting, what is best?

does doing high or low reps increase size. I have been hitting the weights hard, working all my muscle groups twice a week for two months. I consume protein after every workout and I still haven't seen any results. I focus on heavy weight and low reps and I am not growing.
I am still the same size and I don't know what I am doing wrong.

Mondays and Thusdays I do 12 sets for chest and back
Tuesdays and Fridays I do 12 sets for shoulders and biceps
saturdays I do 12 sets for legs and 12 for abs
I normally do between 6 or 10 reps for every muscle group, exept abs

I want to get some size.

Denny answers:

You may be over training. I've just read Triple H's book and he does max of 6 exercises per body part, 2 -4 sets per exercise 10 - 12 reps per set. Your spilt seems okay though.

James asks…

I'm new to working out, need some pointers..?

Okay, so heres the situation. I am 22 years old, and I am starting to add a little more weight to myself,but I am not fat or chubby by any means. I am 5 foot 7 and weigh about 160, but it's not cut muscle, it's just average weight and size. I do feel like I need to "tighten it up" and also need to build my stamina. I know the obvious thing to do is to go to the gym, but I am intimidated by the body builders and people who obvious have been to the gym more then a few times. I am uncomfortable when it comes to working out because I don't even know how to workout. MY QUESTION IS: WHAT TYPE OF WORKOUT WILL GIVE ME THE BEST RESULTS? I want my abs to start to show, and my arms to be more lower body is good and strong from skateboarding,but I want the same type of look up top... ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR A WORKOUT THAT IS EASY TO FOLLOW AND EASY TO FIGURE OUT? WHAT TYPE OF FOODS SHOULD I EAT? ANY RULES I SHOULD START TO FOLLOW? WHAT SHOULD I WEAR TO FIT IN ALSO??
Thanks Ruthie and Robert, both answers are greatly appreciated! Is there anything I should change about my diet?

Denny answers:

Repetition and light weight is best to get the muscle firm, then to build up muscle not so much repetition but more weight, as far as abs crunches are the most common but what also works is to lay down, cross ur legs and try to get them over ur head lifting the butt. Also balance on ur butt and extend and bend ur need towards u while u lift ur arms, reps of 20 or so, u can use hands for support, thats for the lower abs, u can also lay on the back and put ur arms on ur hip with very light weights and do crunches, not a lot of weight cuz if not instead of helping u itll hurt u. Also for arms lay down and lift ur arms with weights towards the ceiling, front and sideways. Also hands together and to the back on the head for triceps. Thats all i can think so... Hope it helps

Ken asks…

workout help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

i have 2 questions

1. i want to know a workout that helps build abs so i can see mine

2. i want a workout so i can see my arm muscles

basically i just want upper and lower body strength

answer that doesnt involve u telling me check this website and is well detailed gets best answer

Denny answers:

I know you don't want a check out this website answer but that is all I have for you. If you go to (it's free) then go down a little and in the middle of the page there will be a pic of someone doing an exercise. Right by that there is a tab that says "more exercises". Click that then you are able to pick muscle groups that you want to work on. It will give you a variety of exercises ranging from easy to hard that you can do at home with little to no equipment.

Good Luck.

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